TWRG always welcomes new volunteers!

Since TWRG is solely a volunteer organization, our volunteers play an important role in our goals and growth. The more volunteers willing to help, the more wildlife we can rescue, rehabilitate, and release back into the wild.

Please consider joining our team in effort to help our native wildlife have a second chance at life.


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To get our up to date volunteer opportunities.  Please keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer.

I Saved A Life Today

By Carol Hardee

Poor little newborn raccoon babe was starving, skin and bone, How frightening at such an age to be left all alone. 

A few weeks passed, and there he sat, content in every way.  I whispered softly as I walked by , “ I saved a life today.” 

Flying squirrel fell from nest onto the cold, hard ground.  I did not know if you were dead because you made no sound.  But soon your tiny eyes were bright as your fears all slipped away.  I knew the words that came to mind, “ I saved a life today.” 

The gray fox caught inside a trap and left in woods to die was so exhausted from the stress, he could not help but cry.  In just a few weeks, the fox was strong, and looked as if to say, “ I wish to thank you for the help.  “You saved my life today.” 

Newborn pup, not house trained yet, was left alone and sad.  Without kind words to comfort him, he thought that he’d beed bad.  Oh, tiny one, when I saw you my heart knew right away.  You looked at me with melting eyes, “ Please save my life today.”  I love this life i have chosen, although the days are long;  To help the many needing me, I must stay well and strong.  So as each moment closes, and the light fades for that day, “I am so deeply satisfied;

I saved a life today.”