Who Are We?

Tailor’s Wildlife Rescue Group, Inc. is a 501 c(3) Organization located in lower Fairfield County Connecticut and was formed by a need in our community to serve as a place to turn to when encountering an injured or orphaned wildlife in need of help.

TWRG fields about 2,000 phone calls a year, while most of these calls are able to be humanely handled over the phone, there are still hundreds of wildlife every year that are in need of help.

What Is Wildlife Rehabilitation?


A profession caring for injured, sick and/or orphaned wildlife. Ct Wildlife rehabilitators possess a state custodial permit, which allows the legal temporary custody of native wildlife with the goal of releasing the animal back into their natural habitat. They are trained in providing the proper nutrition and husbandry as well as basic triage. Rehabilitators attend continuing education classes and work with a licensed veterinarian. Wildlife rehabilitation is also a public service providing the community with a humane, legal way of dealing with wildlife in need of help.

Unlicensed individuals should not try and raise a wildlife on their own not only is it illegal,  it can endanger the health and well-being of that animal, but also put at risk their own health, as well as the health of their family and pets.

Why Do We Get These Animals?


Humans encounter wildlife on a daily basis and whether or not you are an animal lover; you may be faced with the moral issue of what to do when this happens.  Do you turn the other cheek and let an animal unnecessarily suffer? Or, do you try and seek help?

With urban sprawl and human activities such as, vehicle collisions, domestic pets, intentional or unintentional poisonings, window collisions, trapping or tree removal just to name a few thousands of wildlife are injured, orphaned, or otherwise compromised all the time.

What Does TWRG Do? 


TWRG assists those unfortunate animals that need help.  Our members care for hundreds of wildlife every year.  The work can be stressful and demanding, but seeing an animal recover and return to the wild for a 2nd chance at life makes it all worthwhile.

EducatingThe Community

Teaching compassion and understanding is key!

TWRG does numerous presentation throughout the state to help educate individuals about our local wildlife so they can better co-exist with our wild neighbors and possibly lessen the amount of wildlife we currently take in on a yearly basis.  If you would like to book one of these venues please contact us.


100% of all donations go directly to our wildlife patients.

TWRG is not funded by the state or any other organization and rely solely on volunteers and donations to support the ever-growing need for our existence.

Please consider supporting us in our efforts to give these animals a second chance at life and experience the power of compassion that we sometimes forget.


Tailor’s Wildlife Rescue Group Inc - P.O. Box 8028 - Stamford, Ct 06905 -

Email - TailorsWildlife@Gmail.com

501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization

100% Volunteer Based

Founded 2009



It is said,   “We fear what we do not know, and we do not know what we have yet to experience.”