TWRG is a 100% volunteer run organization and supported entirely through the generosity of the public.

100% of your contribution goes directly to the wildlife in our care.

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It Can Cost Per Animal

Raccoon - $420.00

Squirrel - $180.00

Duckling - $90.00

Bird - $100.00

Rabbit - $40.00

Skunk - $300.00 

Fox - $420.00


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Help make sure the wildlife in our care get the continuos care and support they need on a continual bases so they may be given a 2nd chance at life and have a successful recovery and release back into the wild.

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Tailor’s Wildlife Rescue Group Inc - P.O. Box 8028 - Stamford, Ct 06905 -

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501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization

100% Volunteer Based

Founded 2009


A Donation of


Helps Raise A Small Clutch Of Birds

Red Tailed Hawk that was hit by a car.

Skunk that was abused by kids.

Cardinal that was found on the ground with no mom in site.

Raccoon that was found alone hiding next to a car tire.

1 of 3 squirrels that were without food for at least 3 days before they were found.

Raccoon whose eyes opened premature due to stress  from going without care for more then 3 days.

Injured bunny after his nest was destroyed by a cat.

Baby turkey after recovering and finally being strong enough to stand

Baby fox recovered after being found alone and nearly unconscious.

Fox found laying on shards of glass after being attack by something.

Pigeon found with a fractured leg.

Baby Turkey found alone, cold and near death.  This turkey did recover and was released.

Baby bunnies snuggling next to an older one that was found alone.

Bunny that was attacked by a cat.

Barn Swallow enjoying a meal after his nest was unwanted and destroyed

Fawn that was rescued after being hog tied.

Baby raccoon that came in severely emaciated and dehydrated from being without mom for days.

Opossum who suffered injuries after his mother was hit and killed by a car

Baby squirrel being fed after being rescued when his tree was cut down and destroyed.

Here are only some of their stories


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